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8 (029) 397-05-95

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Work schedule: Mon-Fri 9.00 - 18.00


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Delta company is your guide into the world of individual furniture

Our company is engaged in manufacturing wood products for more than 20 years. Here you can order individual furniture from solid wood, as well as products, lined with natural veneer: hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, libraries, bedrooms, children rooms, closets. In our product catalog you will find furniture from solid wood, veneered materials, oak, alder, birch, beech, ash, advanced composite materials (particleboard, temptation stone, plastic, etc.), as well as precious and exotic woods. Each piece of furniture from the company "Delta" - a work of highly qualified specialists, supplemented by the natural beauty of wood.

We make furniture, doors and interior details
varying complexity of the different types of wood
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Benefits and features furniture from solid wood

Wood furniture requires special treatment - she does not like changes in temperature and humidity, and direct sunlight. But, with all these features, in such furniture have plenty of advantages over products made from other materials. First of all, this is a special natural energy, which fills the living space a special aura and positive effect on human health.

Environmentally friendly wood due to its natural origin - thus, there is a possibility of content, and accordingly, release to the atmosphere and any toxic or allergenic substances. A separate item should be marked practicality of solid wood furniture. Its durability and wear resistance seen by our ancestors, who made wooden articles of furniture for centuries. The beauty and aesthetics of natural wood can appreciate even people far from the furniture industry. The unique texture and a rich selection of material properties opens up the masters of furniture art and unlimited opportunities for creativity.

Own production

Our company - "Delta" - was founded in 1992. Great experience, tradition, quality, more than 50 prizes diplomas of international and national exhibitions, a highly professional, dynamic team of employees allows us to confidently position itself as one of the best small furniture enterprises in Belarus.

The main activity of the company - customized production of high quality furniture and door frames, stairs and interior elements made of natural wood and all kinds of composite materials.

Each project furniture designed in our design studio, is unique and takes into account the needs and the mentality of the customer, especially the planning and architecture of the room

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Solid wood Luxury furniture
The order on the individual price
In our Minsk office you can order unique furniture custom-made - bedroom furniture equipment of a restaurant or office, home library or an individual piece of furniture - it does not matter! You will be able to negotiate with our experts the smallest details, from the materials from which the furniture will be made to the hardware. Thus, you can generate your own price for your order.

Individual approach

We appreciate your opinions, desires, and time, and our task is to translate your dreams into reality

20 years experience

20 years of work on individual projects, of varying complexity and from different natural materials

The history of our company

The winners
of international exhibitions

Our work is appreciated for the high level of performance, quality, exclusivity and originality

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Our work is appreciated for the high level of performance, quality, exclusivity and originality

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With attention to every client

Production of furniture for individual orders - one of the most popular services in our company. Masters of the company "Delta" can realize the most extraordinary ideas of the client in any style, be it high-tech, Classicism, Baroque, Empire, or Art Nouveau. Moreover, it is not a mass production of furniture to order, and creativity in its purest form. Our clients are owners of piece goods - unique handmade products that combine the purity of style, practicality and functionality in use, environmental friendliness and durability.