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Children’s rooms

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Furniture for children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s rooms

Furnished our nursery, every parent strives to create in it a perfect environment that is conducive to the harmonious development of the child. It is important to find a practical set, which will create a cosiness, to respond with all safety requirements and for a long time to maintain an attractive appearance. No less important is the total stylistic sound of the room, the selection of colors and accessories.

Furniture made of wood are sustainable and have healing properties. The compliance of the material in the processing and allows to make the decoration set in any style. This may be a classic in harmonious bright colors, sunny Provence, romantic country or a modern high-tech. Solid wood is known for durability, so chests, beds, cupboards and cabinets will serve for many years without losing its refined aesthetics.

You can also choose furniture for the nursery to order from veneer MDF lined. Material is slightly inferior in ecology, but also has its advantages: it is economical, resistant to temperature and mechanical deformation.

"Delta" for 22 years engaged in the production of furniture. Our children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s rooms on request - a consistently high quality and stylish design. only safe materials are used for the manufacture of furniture. On the order in Minsk we can meet children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s rooms made of natural wood or veneer faced with MDF.

When designing furniture, specialists think through every detail, taking into account the child\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s age, his hobbies, etc. Our furniture is characterized by functionality and practicality. The room for two children we offer bunk beds, hanging shelves, drawers, and all sorts of add-ons that allow you to use the space wisely.

Facades of furniture can be made in pastel colors and in bright saturated colors. The choice of color is determined, as a rule, not the preferences of the parents and the child\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s temperament: from the point of view of psychology active children better suited muted tones and quiet - on the contrary, colorful tone.

Children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s room to order the production of the company "Delta" - is to take care of your children. We create unique projects of interior design, in which kids will grow up healthy and happy. Our designers and craftsmen engaged in the development and manufacture of furniture to order. You can estimate the hallways and other custom furniture sets that will give your home a respectable and originality.