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What should I look for when choosing a door from the array

Enough higher price justifies the wooden doors is not an easy technology for their manufacture. This is due to the complex preparation of wood to work. The degree of processing of raw materials depends on the quality of the finished product.

  • First of all, the tree must be perfectly dried. Manufacturing of doors from the array based on not dried material will eventually lead to disastrous results - the deformation and cracks in the finished product.
  • Another important phase of the work - the correct gluing blanks made of solid. For it is important the selection of items, strict observance of technology, type of adhesive and the pressure under which the procedure is conducted.
  • The final manufacturing stage - polishing the product and the application of paint formulations, which define the appearance of the door.

You can buy a door from the array, in the catalog, but also order other furniture from the array by own design or develop a personal project doors in our design studio.

Experienced specialists of our company will develop the project, will make the product and assemble their "turnkey" as soon as possible.