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Choosing furniture for the dining room and kitchen

Kitchen furniture during the operation does not pass one test of strength and wear resistance. After her work surfaces and facades are constantly in contact with aggressive media: grease, hot steam and moisture. Therefore, the choice of kitchen furniture must be treated with due care and responsibility. The material from which made kitchen, should not fade over time, absorb odors, deform from moisture and release toxic substances.

Dining room furniture should be comfortable for frequent cleanings. Based on this requirement, it is better to choose the kitchen furnishings are not too bright colors. By the way, the color scheme for the furniture, which is involved in cooking and eating, is of paramount importance. It should be remembered about the peculiarities of the perception of colors and avoid the annoying screaming colors.

Before you place your order and make a purchase, you need to clearly define for themselves what furniture items you need in the kitchen and in the dining room. Any details are important: the number of cases and their purpose; whether in your kitchen appliances, TV, washing machine or dishwasher? It depends on the set of furniture and the possibility of their competent layout.

Another important detail - whether cooking space combined with the place of its reception? Or it will be independent, zoned from each other territory and individually designed.

In the design of kitchen furniture to avoid accumulations. The furniture should be functional, therefore, the less unnecessary "beautiful", the better - furnishing items evaluate, first of all, in terms of their usefulness.

You must also decide on your kitchen style: noble classic or bold modern trends. It should be remembered that furnished by the latest fashion trends kitchen lose its relevance in a few years. A classic remains in demand at all times.

In our catalog you will find the dining room furniture from the time-tested material - natural wood, made in different styles and solutions. Wood is not only environmentally friendly, and therefore does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere - it is also unique from an aesthetic point of view, because it has a unique texture and pattern.

In addition to ready-made furniture alliances, our masters are ready to execute any project on an individual customer\\\'s order.