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Living room

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Living room is tastefully

Modern living room - it is a multifunctional space: here take guests, arrange a dinner and spend quiet family evenings, enjoying the warmth and comfort of home. The interior of this room should harmoniously combine the comfort and elegance that can be created with the help of properly selected furniture.

Among the many options for the most advantageous solution would be living under the order. Firstly, it is an opportunity to equip the room according to its size, and secondly, to find exactly those things that are really needed. Household TV desired shape and size, and shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers and much more - everything is manufactured in strict accordance with your preferences and wishes of the finest.

In addition, a variety of modules, harmoniously integrated into slides and sections allow you to specify the stylistic tone of the room. Your living room can be designed in the tradition of undying classics, with its lines of perfection, sumptuous Baroque with its refined decor or style of aristocrats - Rococo. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, it is better than the modern, this is nothing not cope. And fans tuned strict form best suited living room furniture in the style of hi-tech.

When choosing a style, do not forget about the materials. Modular wall and other furniture for the living room to order from an array of natural wood are still in trend. Experiencing various times and customs, the tree has not lost its popularity due to environmental friendliness, durability and strength. The natural softness, textured pattern, a variety of species, and thus the colors, making it ideal for the manufacture of furniture.

To create the interior according to the modern trends in furniture fashion, you can select other materials. Veneer, metal and glass, tastefully integrated into pieces of furniture, are also able to give the room a unique charm.

"Delta" offers the services in manufacturing in Minsk living under the order. The talent of our designers and wizards allow you to create professional furniture at the level of art. Different artistic means and decoration technology gives the product a special glamor. Here you can order furniture made of valuable wood and other materials. Especially for you, we will develop an exclusive project for design of any room and make it a reality. The company is a leader in the furniture market. For 22 years we produce different sets of furniture, including hallways on order, corresponding to the high quality and style.