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Furniture for hallway

Tasteful entrance plays an important role in creating a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth of home. Given the characteristics of the design of modern urban apartments, wisely choose the furniture for the hall because of the restrictions is not so simple room space. The room should look harmonious, combining not only the beauty and style, but also practicality. Hallways on order are the perfect choice for lovers of the above-mentioned qualities.

Creation of individual design projects allows the economical use of space, leaving space and freedom, and at the same time to make it functional, filled with all the necessary pieces of furniture to store the top of the wardrobe and all the little things.

Depending on your wishes sets of furniture for the hall can include closed closets and open hangers for casual wear, pedestals for shoes, comfortable poufs, umbrella stands, dressers and more. Lobby furniture must meet the same requirements as any other - ecological purity, build quality, stylish design.

In suburban homes, where space is usually allows us to give vent to imagination, hallway furniture to order may include elegant console tables, massive mirrors and comfortable chairs. Regarding the choice of material, it all depends on taste preferences. Articles made of natural wood will always look luxurious and expensive, emphasizing a sense of style and status of the hosts. Often, however, the interior of the small-size fits better hallways cabinet furniture veneer, trimmed with MDF - it combines the necessary functionality and at the same time looks stylish. In addition, the material in perfect harmony with the glass in all kinds of techniques and - fusing classic stained glass, facet, etc.

"Delta" is engaged in manufacturing custom hallways and other types of furniture in Minsk for 22 years. Our designers have a huge experience in creating interior space design. Especially for you we will produce a set of exclusive furniture, which will delight you for years to come. Living room furniture made to order, bedroom sets, kitchen - all this is done in accordance with modern stylistic trends and your personal desires. To implement the ideas into reality, we use only high quality materials. Our craftsmen have a high professional skills of working with wood, glass, stone, veneer and MDF, and possess all the techniques of decoration.