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Furniture made of solid wood

Wood - choice, grounded experience

Outside our home furniture is not only organizes the space, but also creates a certain atmosphere and mood of the home, and thus sets the tone of our sense of self. That is why the leading designers and manufacturers of luxury furniture in Europe tend to prefer natural materials, as they are beneficial to the health and well-being. It is an experience that we have absorbed at the gene level. Since ancient times, man has used in the home setting natural stone and wood. Over time, the possibility of change of mankind, there are new technologies, but the natural material's popularity is still high. Furniture made of natural wood today as a century ago, is a sign of good taste and high status of its owner.

Aesthetics and sustainability are always in fashion

The wood is always in fashion, not only because of the rich history. The properties tree for a few points ahead of other construction materials. First of all, its sustainability is highly valued, and therefore safe for human health. Moreover, the energy of natural material is able to heal. In addition, the tree - it is a very strong and durable material. This furniture has not lost its attractiveness for many years. Masters of furniture art note yielding wood processing. It can serve as a basis for the creation of furniture in any style, from classic to modern trends. Wood is well combined with other materials: metal, glass, stone. Further, only the wood has a unique texture which allows the surface treatment experiment with, and colors. For example, you can achieve the effect of artificial aging of wood, which would give the museum almost unique furnishings. In our catalog you can find a respectable furniture of solid oak, interesting interior solutions, which involve furniture made of solid alder and furniture items made of birch, beech, ash and exotic woods.

«Delta» - an individual approach to each client

You can not only buy furniture made of solid wood, presented in the catalog, but also furnishings order on his own project! Long-term experience of our craftsmen can create a completely unique pieces, which is unique and will never be for sale.