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Work schedule: Mon-Fri 9.00 - 18.00


8 (029) 397-05-95

8 (029) 566-00-24

Work schedule: Mon-Fri 9.00 - 18.00


Activity of the company


About production

Our firm is a company «Delta» was founded in 1992. Great experience in work, quality traditions, more than 50 diplomas at international and national exhibitions, high quality, dynamic staff allows us to say for sure that we are one of the best small furniture enterprises in Belarus.

The main activity of the company – customized production of high quality furniture and door frames, stairs and interior elements made of natural wood and all kinds of composite materials.

Each project furniture designed in our design studio, is unique and takes into account the needs and the mentality of the customer, especially the planning and architecture of the room. Great experience allows us to successfully carry out the most complex and non-standard orders, ensuring constant quality control and compliance with the terms of furniture production.

At the initial stage of production of furniture to order, our designers develop free products preliminary design. At this stage the customer and specialists of “Delta” jointly discuss the features and styles of the future design of furniture, selected type of wood, type of paint and accessories.

At the second stage, measuring work at the facility and developed the finishing design project.

After that, work on the production of furniture, doors and interior elements are moved to our production site.

Upon completion of the manufacture of finished products will assembled and installed by our experts “turnkey” at the site.

The main types of products in the enterprise: the hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, living room furniture, upholstered furniture, bedroom furniture, children’s rooms, offices, libraries, office furniture and so on.

According to individual orders we produce high-quality door units (over 75 models), sliding partitions, detail stairs, interior elements (columns, friezes, ceiling beams, wall panels, coffered ceilings, etc.).

Another activity – production of furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, conference halls.

Environmentally friendly furniture made of solid wood – your best choice!

Choose quality, functionality, beauty and comfort – choose “Delta”!

Masters of the paint portion and decorative finishes perform various types of coatings of furniture and interior elements: a classic toning stains and stain dyeing without saving the texture of wood, different types of artificial aging of wood (brushing, craquelure, patina, etc.), as well as hand polishing surfaces to "grand piano" finish.

The team of cabinetmakers creative workshop is fluent in a variety of methods of decorating products: geometric, relief and volume carving, inlaying, intarsia and marquetry, decorative painting and gold leaf work, which allows us to perform a high degree of reliability and museum copies of antique furniture.

The organization of production in "Delta" is based on high professionalism, the dynamics of decision-making and flexibility of production processes. Today, the company, thanks to its own design studio, engineering and design bureau creative studio and is able to solve the problem of artistic design and manufacture of individual products and interior complex and unique forms of solid alder, birch, beech, oak, ash. We have our own equipment for veneer cladding parts allows us to perform product in modern laconic style.

In the "arsenal" of the company and the product of artificial and natural stone, glass in all kinds of techniques and (classical stained glass, fusing, facets, engraving, etc.), art casting and forging, working with fabrics, leather and imitation leather .

Stylistic range of furniture manufactured by us is a wide range: from the baroque, classical and empire style to modern, minimalist and high-tech.